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Few Rally for Anwar as Malaysia Trial Delayed - "Populariti Kian Menurun"

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By Razak Ahmad and Niluksi Koswanage
Reuters - Wednesday, July 8

KUALA LUMPUR, July 8 - Just a handful of people turned out to cheer Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim at his latest court appearance as new a poll said government reforms were popular, which may show Anwar's influence is waning.

Anwar denounced the trial that had been due to start on Wednesday as a "despicable and desperate" move by the government to remove him from politics after the judge said he would delay it and hear applications from lawyers on July 15. On an overcast day in the Malaysian capital, around a hundred black-clad opposition supporters shouting "Allah" and "reformasi" , pushed into the court complex but there were no clashes with police, who heavily outnumbered them.

That was far fewer than the thousands who thronged court appearances in 1998 at the height of the Asian financial crisis after Anwar was dismissed as deputy prime minister and charged with sodomy and corruption in a case lasting 14 months. "It is not as tension-filled as before. It is almost as if people are used to seeing this situation and frankly, I am tired of this case," said Mohd Amir Hamza, a shopkeeper who watched the arrival of Anwar and photographed him with his mobile phone......for full article please refer to link below;


In his first 100 days in office, Najib has announced an ambitious set of reforms, aimed at boosting foreign investment in this export-dependent country whose economy is expected by the government to contract up to five percent this year. Last week he unveiled a series of measures to open up the economy, risking the ire of the majority Malay population who saw some of their economic privileges removed.

But a poll published on Wednesday showed Najib appeared to have gained traction for the government and that his reforms had won widespread approval. Najib's personal popularity rating surged to 65 percent from 42 percent in mid-May, according to a poll from the independent Merdeka Center, and 60 percent of the 1,062 people questioned approved of the reforms.

"Quite clearly, a growing number of Malaysians like some of the policy initiatives of the PM and his inclusive message," said Ibrahim Suffian, head of the polling body.
Komen Isac;
Berdasarkan kepada kehadiran penyokong2 Pakatan Rakyaat maupun PKR, jelas menunjukkan DSAI telah semakin dilupakan. Mungkin rakyaat telah semakin muak dengan taktik/strategi PKR yang seolah-olah sengaja mahu melambat-lambatkan proses perbicaraan.
Rakyaat juga mungkin telah bosan dengan karenah DSAI dan barisan peguambela-peguambelanya yang selalu menyelar kerajaan sebagai bertanggung-jawab ke atas satu lagi siri "konspirasi" untuk mematikan karier politik DSAI tetapi dalam masa yang sama mereka sendiri (DSAI & PKR) dilihat seperti sengaja melambat-lambatkan perjalanan perbicaraan kes dengan penangguhan demi penangguhan yang dipohon oleh mereka.
Menurut Mstar Online, walaupun Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) merancang untuk menggerakan 5,000 penyokong PKR ke mahkamah pada hari ini untuk menghadirkan sokongan kepada DSAI tetapi hanya kira-kira 100 orang penyokong PKR sahaja yang telah hadir pada hari ini.

Semoga "fenomena" ini akan berterusan dan rakyaat semakin sedar, "yang mana satu intan, dan yang mana satu kaca". Mudah-mudahan kesedaran ini akan berterusan sehingga ke PRU 13, Amin.


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